Virgin Gorda is the third largest of the British Virgin Islands and best known for "The Baths," a unique geological formation near the tip of the island comprised of giant boulders on the beach. It is now a protected national park where snorkelers can swim in and among the magnificent boulders and caves. The island has an number of other spectacular beaches which are mostly quiet and unspoiled. The best known beaches on the island apart from "The Baths" include Devils Bay, Pond Bay, Spring Bay, Valley Trunk Bay, Savannah Bay, Little Valley Trunk, Nail Bay, and Mahoe Bay. Do not be surprised if you are the only person on the beach! Because the island is only eight square miles, beaches and restaurants are all within easy reach of Amateras. Amateras is about a 5 minute drive to Spring Bay, Devils Bay and the Baths.

The island culture is relaxed and friendly. There are 5 star luxury resorts on the island (Little Dix Bay, The Bitter End Yacht Club and Biras Creek), however Virgin Gorda has managed to retain its old world charm.

The temperature in the BVI is fairly constant year round, usually 80ís (Fahrenheit) or high 20ís (Celsius). A prevailing tradewind picks up around December.